“Talents” – 5/1/16 @ 10 AM

"Talents on loan from God?" I don't think so! God has given to us talent and if you will allow God to work in your life you will enjoy the fruit of those talents and His presence. There are steps...process...and people along the way who will help. … [Read More...]


“Dressed for Battle” – 4/24/16 @ 10 AM

Spiritual warfare is very real and is an unseen battle that will definitely affect our lives. The failure to recognize the source of spiritual warfare will always result in spiritual defeats. This is a powerful message that will show you precisely … [Read More...]


“Home Improvement – Legacy” 4/3/16 @ 10 AM

"Legacy" is a part of the "Home Improvement" series and speaks of patterns of choices families make that will impact their children. I want God to help me to make the right choices and not a bunch of detours, dead-end alleys and wrong turns. I desire … [Read More...]


“Tomb for Sale: Used Slightly” – 3/27/16 @ 10 AM

The resurrection of Jesus is the very pivot point and fulcrum of everything about Christianity. The resurrection if the very cornerstone of the Gospel. The Garden Tomb is famous because it is empty! Today is a great day of celebration and we invite … [Read More...]


Maundy Thursday Service – 3/24/16 @ 7 PM

John 13 describes for us a very powerful moment Jesus shares with His disciples before He is led away by evil men. Jesus took a towel and a basin of water and washed the feet of His disciples, including the feet of Judas! It is a pure model of … [Read More...]

Meeting Times

Sunday Schedule
8:45 AM - Sunday School for all ages
10:00 AM - Worship Service
● Kids Church (Preschool - 6th) 2nd - 4th Sundays
4:30 PM - Radical Youth Group (7th & 8th)
4:30 PM - Ignite Worship Service (9th - 12th)

Wednesday Schedule (Starting in September)
6:30 PM - Foundations for Faith (7th & 8th)
7:30 PM - High School Bible Study (9th -12th)
Second & Fourth Wednesdays
6:30 PM - Faith Club (Preschool - 6th Grade)

Meeting times subject to change. For up to date calendar of events click here.




Camp Scholarship Applications

Each camper is required to complete form below by May 1, 2016, in order to receive scholarship assistance from the church. If the chosen camp costs less than $250, a $100 scholarship will be awarded. If the camp costs more than $250, a $175 scholarship will be … [Read More...]

Upcoming Events

Youth Calendar

Take a look at our youth calendar for all our activities this month for Radical (7th-8th), Ignite (High School), Sunday School (7th - 12th), and Bible Studies offered in area school districts (7th - 12th).  If you have any questions, please contact Pastor Russ @ … [Read More...]